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Schieffelin Hall – Ribbon Cutting (Restoration Completion)

March 27, 2024
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March 27, 2024
Welcoming Remarks by Robert Rameriz, President
Tombstone Restoration Commission

I want to welcome everyone.   I want to thank the people for making the restoration of Schieffielin Hall a Success. The west side of this building was ready to collapse due to structural failures. The Tombstone Restoration Commission saw an urgent need to help restore the wall and structure. We sought out donations to restore this building and we were successful.
I want to thank Linda Krater from the Walter Ferguson Foundation. Linda has generously donated $500,000.00 to make possible the renovation of the west side of Sschieffielin Hall. Without this donation the TRC could not have restored the failing wall and structure.
I want to thank Mayor Dusty Escapule in partnering with the TRC in restoring this historic building. Robert Hendrickson the City Building Inspector. Charisa Presti- City Clerk and Rebecca Larsen – City Marketing- Her vision making this area a community showcase can now be used. Everyone made this project a success and worked together to make this happen.
I like to introduce Dr. David Breckneer from the State of Arizona Historical Society for attending.
I want to thank Bob Barnes our board member and project manager on managing and making this project go so well. His expertise and experience in the construction and architecture field is priceless. Certificate:
I want to thank the TRC board – Robert Davenport – Vice President, Bourke Runton – secretary, Burt Devere –treasure, Jeff Devere – board member, Susan Wallace – board member. Also want to thank Jay Nenninger our previous Vice President. We all worked together to accomplish this project.
I want to thank our contractors – Canyon Builders and Design – Brad Davis- project manager, Ray Gomez – Superintended and John McCormic; John Riggs – Architectural/Commission Management; Steven Hess – Hess Structural Engineering; Eric Means – Means Building; Brian Hope- Hope CGI and all the subcontractors.

March 27, 2024
Attendees to the Schieffelin Hall Ribbon Cutting

Linda Krater - Walter Ferguson Foundation
Mayor Dustin Escapule, City Clerk - Charissa Presti and City Hall Staff, Tombstone Public Works
Dr. David Breeckner - Arizona Historical Society
Canyon Building and Design, LLC:
- Brad Davis – Project Manager
- Ray Gomez – Superintendent
- John McCormic – Lead
John Riggs, AIA Architecture/Commission Management
Eric Means, Means Building LLLC
Steven Hess, Hess Structural Engineering Inc.
Brian Hope, Hope CGI, LLC
Representatives from the Tombstone Marshall's Department, Tombstone Fire Department and various local non-profit groups

Tombstone Restoration Commission Board of Directors:
- Robert Ramerez, President,
- Robert Davenport VP,
- Burton Devere, Secretary,
- Jeff Devere, Member at Large,
- Robert Barnes, Member at Large
- Susan Wallace, Member at Large