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Southern Pacific Railroad Depot

Southern Pacific Train Depot Marker

The railroad reached Tucson in March of 1880. Richard Grid had a railroad spike crafted of solid silver from the Toughnut Mine. It was presented to the President of the Southern Pacific Railroad as an inducement to bring a railroad spur to Tombstone. The solid silver spike disappeared into the gentleman's collection and so did Tombstone's hopes for railroad service for many years. Spurs were built in Nogales, Benson, Contention and Fairbanks in the early 1800s and finally reached Tombstone in 1903. A huge celebration was held in April with over 2000 guests attending. Southern Pacific provided freight and passenger service to Tombstone until 1961. In spite of Tombstone's best efforts to retain service it was discontinued and the rails removed. In 1961, Southern Pacific donated the depot to the City of Tombstone. The City turned it into the first permanent home of the Tombstone City Library. Tombstone school children named the new library "The Reading Station". This is the original depot built in 1903.   In 2006,


The Tombstone City Library, also known as the Reading Station was once the Southern Pacific Train Depot…It’s also a stop in the TRC’s tour book of historic places in town as you can see by the plaque that is positioned outside the building. Currently the TRC has been working to clean up the landscaping and renovate the train cars behind the building.

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